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Registering and Logging In
Last Updated 23 days ago

If this is your first time visiting the Microseach Document Portal, you must register to access the site. Registration is easy; click the "Register As a New User" link and complete the Registration Form:


The form will look something like this:


Registration requests are normally approved within minutes, but will occasionally take up to one business day.

Once a new user has registered and been granted access to the portal, the Home page will appear. It might look like this:


In the above screen shot, a user can select a database and conduct a "Quick Search" on that database, or click for advanced search options or a Table of Contents.

If the homepage does not look like the above, it might look like the following:


The user selects the database of interest and can proceed to browse the Table of Contents to find a document or head to the Search page to conduct a search.

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